Number of Oklahoma's beginning farmers is down 26% since 2002

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19,873 -Number of beginning farmers in Oklahoma in 2012, down from 26,880 in 2002.Source: USDA Census of Agriculture, via Farmland Information Center.

National Hockey League outlines sustainability efforts in new report

The 2014 NHL SUSTAINABILITY REPORT is to address our recent efforts and the challenges we face from an environmental perspective.

Is energy efficiency the best job creator?

Energy Efficiency Is the Best Job Creator: Report - Energy Efficiency Markets
Energy efficiency is the best job creator when compared against similar industries that vie for economic development dollars, says a Cadmus Group report.

Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma, OG&E, & The City of Oklahoma City announce award for sustainable, energy efficient OKC neighborhoods

Positive Energy® Awards!
Commit to being a Great Neighborhoods advocate and promote, educate and create awareness of energy efficiency and other sustainability practices in your neighborhood.

Association of Central Oklahoma Governments Awards $2.5mil for Bike-Ped Projects, Announces 2nd Round of Funding

ACOG Awards $2.5 Million for Bike-Ped Projects, Announces Second Round of Funding
The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013-2014 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding. TAP is a federal funding source in the MAP-...

Much to like in this report.

With Lamb-scaping Crew, Texas Solar Farm Aims to Shave Maintenance Costs, by Jim Malewitz
Operators of a 45-acre San Antonio solar farm have turned to sheep – not lawnmowers – as a low-cost, low-effort way to control overgrown shrubbery that might otherwise impede the company’s technicians. 

Trashed. Apparently we like eggs. And pizza. And take-out.


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Mesmerizing Photos of People Lying in a Week’s Worth of Their Trash photographed by Gregg Segal: http://bit.ly/greg-segal.The United States has a trash problem. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces more than 4 pounds of garbage per day. That’s more than double the amount produced in 1960, and it’s 50 percent more than the amount produced by Western Europeans.In January, photographer Gregg Segal decided to put some imagery to those numbers. His ongoing series, “7 Days of Garbage,” shows Californian friends, neighbors, and relative strangers lying in the trash they created in one week.Source: http://slate.me/1r9OP4G

The Home Depot wants suppliers to label plants treated with pesticides linked to bee deaths

Home Depot leads US retail charge to limit use of pesticides linked to bee decline
Home Depot is among a number of US companies taking a stand to eliminate or limit the use of a type of pesticide suspected of driving a decline in honeybee populations. By the fourth quarter of this year, the company will begin to require suppliers to label any plants treated with neonicotinoid, or…

More on the earthquakes here, with comments from the Tulsa-based operator of the wells.

EARTHQUAKES: 'Flower Power' and 'Deep Throat' are shaking up Oklahoma City, study says --...
A handful of oil and gas waste disposal wells with names like "Deep Throat" and "Flower Power" have been linked by seismologists to an increasingly strong earthquake swarm around Oklahoma City.

Could our flurry of earthquakes be tied to just four disposal wells?

Study shows how drilling wastewater causes Oklahoma earthquakes
A new study explains how just four wells forcing massive amounts of drilling wastewater into the ground are probably shaking up Oklahoma.