Rose State College in #OKC Receives EPA Job-Training Grant

Rose State College in Oklahoma City, Okla., received one of 19 grants from EPA

OKC ranks last among big cities for energy efficiency

Lethargic enforcement: OKC ranks last among big cities for energy efficiency
Building codes and energy conservation go hand in hand, said John Semtner, director of engineering services at ADG Inc. If building energy codes aren't enforced, however, energy efficiency can be t...

Become a sustainability scorecard coach

Sustainable Tulsa ScoreCard Coaching Program
Sustainable Tulsa is launching a pilot ScoreCard program this year! The ScoreCard program includes a business tool of over 100 items that will assist in measuring the baseline status of variables designed to aid in identifying best business practices, lean manufacturing and other uplifts associated…

Electricity Demand Response could have saved Texans over $200 million in 2012-13

SPEER STUDY: Intelligent Energy Management
In 2015, SPEER published a Smart Energy Roadmap for Texas, a series of recommendations to make it easier for Texans to save money on their electric bills.

In 2014, Oklahoma lost 63% of its managed honeybee colonies, worst decrease in the U.S.

Colony Loss 2014 – 2015: Preliminary Results | Bee Informed Partnership
Colony Loss 2014 – 2015: Preliminary Results May 13, 2015 • Blog Nathalie Steinhauer1, Karen Rennich1, Kathleen Lee2, Jeffery Pettis3, David R. Tarpy4, Juliana Rangel5, Dewey Caron6, Ramesh Sagili6, John A. Skinner7, Michael E. Wilson7, James T. Wilkes8, Keith S. Delaplane9, Robyn Rose10, Dennis van…

Ever wonder what happens to the battery packs in hybrid cars when they reach the end of their original purpose? Here's one interesting usage: backing up the the solar panel generation at a remote site in Yellowstone.

Used Toyota Hybrid Batteries Repurposed At Yellowstone National Park
Even after they're no longer suitable for their original purpose, the battery packs from hybrids and electric cars can still be useful. Battery energy-storage capacity diminishes over time, to the point where packs are no longer suitable for use in cars. But after their automotive service lives are.…

Learn how to save the 3 Bs: Bees, Butterflies and Beneficials

The 3 Bs: Bees, Butterflies and Beneficials Workshop - Kerr Center
Workshop on pollinators and beneficial insects in a garden, landscape or farm. Learn about plants for Monarch butterflies, honey and native bees and oterh beneficial insects.

Former Thunder player bikes to work, says you should give it a shot #biketoworkmonth

Golden State Warrior Shaun Livingston Bikes to Work; Says You Should Give It a Shot - San...
Golden State Warrior Shaun Livingston Bikes to Work; Says You Should Give It a Shot By Marta Lindsey on May 5, 2015 When we found out Shaun Livingston, guard for the Golden State Warriors, bikes to work, we had to know more. Despite being in the middle of the NBA playoffs, Shaun took the time to tel…

Florida will buy our wind (power). Clean energy is quickly becoming a major export product for Oklahoma.

Public Service Commission approves Gulf Power’s wind project
Today, Gulf Power received unanimous approval from the Florida Public Service Commission of an agreement that will make the utility a leading purchaser of wind generation among Florida utilities. T...

A $10 million building requires approx $40 million in maintenance costs over its lifetime