"Grow your food, save your life."

In L.A., Now You Can Use City Land For A Free Vegetable Garden
Instead of driving to the store to get quality produce, L.A. residents can now plant gardens sandwiched in between sidewalk concrete and asphalt.

Geologists: Humanity is the most powerful force on the planet, shapes the environment more than water, wind, or plate tectonics

The Year Humans Started to Ruin the World
A provocative analysis suggests that humans changed the whole world—and the future, forever—in either 1610 or 1964

Ardagh Group Sapulpa (Container Glass) achieves Energy Star certification for their superior energy performance in 2014!

EPA Announces 70 Top Performing Energy Star Certified Manufacturing Plants in 29 States

What is Food Democracy?

Food democracy South and North: from food sovereignty to transition initiatives
People seek to co-design food systems, to participate in shaping them, to recapture them. We were familiar with the slogan of workplace democracy; we must now open up our eyes to food democracy.

“Ranching is one of the few western occupations that have been renewable and have produced a continuing way of life.”

The New Ranch
[excerpt from Chapter 15 of The Age of Consequences]

a 'no-muss, no-fuss' beehive designed to deliver honey on tap

"Honey on Tap" Beehive Smashes Indiegogo Fundraising Record
Stuart and Cedar Anderson's Flow hive promises to revolutionize beekeeping. Credit: beefarm.ru Stuart and Cedar Anderson have set the internet abuzz with their record-breaking Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The father-and-son team’s Flow hi

its surprising that more grocery stores don't do this

Canada’s Largest Food Retailer To Sell Ugly Produce At Low Prices To Cut Food Waste
Most food waste ends up in landfills, where it decomposes and releases methane, a greenhouse gas much more potent than carbon dioxide.

What does mobility and the transportation system of the future look like?

How the U.S. Transportation System Can Save $1 Trillion, 2 Billion Barrels of Oil, and 1 Gigaton...
A paradigm shift in our transportation system can drop per mile costs from $0.59 to $0.15, and when combined with public transit unlock annual savings of $1 trillion.

Is a net zero energy building our best target?

What the heck is a net zero energy building?
Who knows? It's too confusing and may not even make any sense as a target.

Georgetown, Texas, a town of 54,000 people near Austin, switches to 100% solar and wind power. "We did so because it will save on electricity costs and decrease our water usage."

Texas town will get all its energy from renewables with solar deal
Georgetown, Texas, will take all of its power from solar facilities in the western portion of the state.