Bus rapid transit (BRT) proposal would transform old Route 66 in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Rapid Transit system could change the face of Central Avenue
$100M network would use express buses on 10-mile route between Louisiana and Coors

Pope Francis is calling for an “ecological conversion” for the faithful. States “God reflected in all that exists”.

10 key excerpts from Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment
Here are some of the key passages, everything from climate change and global warming to abortion and population control.

Our planet has just had its hottest first five months of any year ever recorded

The latest global temperature data are breaking records | John Abraham
John Abraham: Today’s global temperature data keep 2015 as hottest year to date

A Texas town with one of the most progressive energy programs in the country — and it’s not Austin

This Big Texas City Will Soon Be Powered Entirely By Wind And Sun
For the central Texas city of Georgetown, the decision to go 100 percent renewable was a "no-brainer."

“Small towns can reinvent themselves as places faster than big towns"

Minnesota town shows how walking and other healthy habits can rejuvenate a rural community
What Albert Lea has accomplished over the past five years offers both lessons and inspiration for smaller towns and cities across the country.

How could Oklahoma meet its emissions goals under the Clean Power Plan? via Oklahoma Policy Institute

Implementing EPA climate change rule should be no problem for Oklahoma
Derek Wietelman is an OK Policy summer intern. He is an Oklahoma State University student pursuing a double major in statistics and political science, with minors in economics and environmental economics, politics, and policy. Last summer, the Environmental Protection Agency issued its proposed Clea…

Diesel fuel has reached aquifer; environmental impact still unknown
Diesel fuel from a recent spill at one of Ada’s water wells has reached the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer, the main source of municipal water for Ada and other communities in the region, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Erin Hatfield confirmed earlier this month.

"The forays into solar energy are following a similar template to OG&E’s adoption of wind energy more than a decade ago: extensive research, leading to pilot projects and then full-scale adoption."

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. embarks on 2.5-megawatt solar pilot project
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. said its $7.5 million pilot project will test the benefits of solar from two perspectives: the customer’s side of the meter and solar power directly connected to the grid through the distribution system. The utility has installed the first of two solar farms at its Must…

Make a salad with 7 wild weeds you probably didn't know you could eat

How to make a foraged spring salad with plants you can find in your backyard
Learn how to forage for wild greens and edible weeds in your backyard or local park, with foraging expert Wildman Steve Brill, to make a locally grown spring salad.

Six ways to reduce the impacts of air pollution on people riding #bicycles

Breathe Easier | Plan.Place
May 2015 Breathe Easier Six ways to reduce the impacts of air pollution on people riding bicycles. Jenny Koch Urban Planner Jenny is not familiar with the concept of “down time.”Read More share this article Breathe Easier (Graphic adapted from public domain image obtained from Wikimedia) People ridi…