Do you have a little free library in your neighborhood yet? If not, make one!

Little Free Libraries and Community-Building in Minneapolis | Sustainable Cities Collective
(Little Free Library in Minneapolis)

"If you don’t want wasps in your eaves, do your best to attract birds to your yard. Especially brassy thieves like jays."

Of paper wasps and scrub jays
Stinging insects tend to send people into panic, especially if they're yellow and black striped. After years of keeping bees, we've come to learn that many p...

Community Investing 101

Get off the Ground with Community Investing - Community Builders
Four tools for investing in your community

"We fail to realize that libraries are becoming more important, not less, to our communities and our democracy"

Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google
A review of John Palfrey's new book 'BiblioTech,' and the culturally critical role libraries play.

Deadly heatwave in India literally melting the roads

Deadly Heatwave Melting Roads
A devastating heatwave has left more than 1,100 people dead over the past month in India, and photos also show the toll on the country's infrastructure.

New study: Wider streets = more crashes

Compelling Evidence That Wider Lanes Make City Streets More Dangerous | Streetsblog USA
The rate of side impact crashes is lowest on urban streets with lanes about 10.5 feet wide — much narrower than the standard 12 feet. Graph: Dewan Karim

Mitigating climate change by sequestering CO2 in plants and soils

The Carbon Ranch
What can we do right now to help reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) from its current (and future) dangerously high levels?

For Oklahoma and the EPA Clean Power Plan: Is the Grass Greener Beyond the Fence? Is Failing to Plan, Planning to Fail?

The Clean Power Plan: Just Say, “No Regrets” | Regulatory Assistance Project
The Question: Does EPA have authority to set greenhouse gas emissions limits for power plants based only on what is achievable “inside the fence” of regulated power plants, or both inside and outside the fence.

French law bans supermarkets from throwing away food

French Supermarkets Are Now Not Allowed To Throw Away Food--They Have To Find Another Way To Use It
Waste not, want not: Under a new law, groceries will have to either give unused food to charities or pass it on as animal feed, compost, or bioenergy.

Oklahoma Panhandle counties soon will have community solar power from their electric co-op. 3,900 panels.

TCEC first utility in Oklahoma to launch community solar project | TCEC
Solar energy is going to be a hot topic for Tri-County Electric Cooperative (TCEC) members. The cooperative has reached an agreement with Today’s Power, Inc., (TPI) a subsidiary of Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc., to construct a one megawatt solar array near its headquarters in Hooker this year…