Clean Air & Energy

The OSN Board of Directors supports the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy resources as an expansion of Oklahoma’s strong energy heritage. Through our participation in hearings and conferences at the Corporation Commission and the Department of Environmental Quality, we encourage the implementation of proven, cost-effective programs and technologies that conserve our resources, protect our airshed, and save us money.

Beginning in 2007 with the proposed Red Rock coal-fired power plant, OSN’s Directors have persistently advocated for the deployment of state-of-the-art efficiency measures and emission control technologies, and we have supported expansion of wind-power resources and Smart Grid pilot programs for meeting the electricity needs of Oklahoma consumers. We participate at multiple meetings, technical conferences, and public hearings at the Corporation Commission and DEQ and, when appropriate, we file well-researched comments, often with the assistance of expert consultants.

In 2008, Governor Henry appointed our energy project Director to the Air Quality Council at DEQ, where he represents the general public on rulemakings for the Clean Air Act. He was reappointed to the Council by Governor Mary Fallin in 2012.